July 26, 2016



Do I need to wear a face mask?

Face masks are currently mandatory in all public areas including transport. To protect yourself and others, we strongly advise to wash your hands with soap and dry with clean paper towel frequently as possible. You can also use an alcohol based hand sanitizer when outside. Avoid touching your face and keep 6ft distance from others. If you are using a reusable face mask, ensure to wash your face mask with soap between uses. Bring plenty of soap, hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes with you as these supplies may be limited in Cuba.

Are visitors from the U.S. allowed to stay at hotels?

The Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) announced regulatory changes [on September 23, 2020] to the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR) restricting certain transactions related to lodging at properties identified on the CPA List. Authorized travelers should therefore instead of staying at hotels, stay in private accommodations, or casas particulares, owned and operated by legitimately independent entrepreneurs. If you already have a hotel booking in Cuba, made prior to September 23, 2020, your booking is still valid. If you have any further questions in regards to accommodation in Cuba, please contact us directly on 1-800-963-2822.

How do I know which hotels or casas particulares are executing additional hygienic practices recommended for COVID-19?

We are working with our local partners to implement vigilant hygiene and safety practices in line with COVID-19 regulation to ensure the best and safest experience for all our travelers. We will be providing more information about our Travel Safe certified hotel and transport partners in the coming weeks.

What are the requirements to travel to Cuba from the U.S?

All travelers traveling to Cuba from the United States must obtain a visa (tourist card) and travel under an OFAC category that best describes your purpose of travel. Regardless of your citizenship, you must comply with the travel regulations if you are traveling to Cuba from the U.S.

You can find a brief description of each authorized OFAC category you are able to travel under on this page: https://www.cubatravelservices.com/plan-your-trip/who-can-go/

What is OFAC?

The Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) of the U.S Department of the Treasury administers and enforces economic and trade sanctions based on U.S foreign policy. In order to travel to Cuba, you must select an OFAC category that best describes your purpose of travel.

What are the OFAC categories?

  • Support for the Cuban people
  • Family visit
  • Official business of the U.S. government, foreign governments & certain intergovernmental organizations
  • Journalistic Activity
  • Professional Research
  • Educational Activities
  • Religious Activities
  • Public performances, athletic/non-athletic competitions, exhibitions
  • Humanitarian Projects
  • Activities of private foundations or research or educational institutes
  • Exportation, importation or transmission of information

I am a Cuban born and a U.S citizen, do I need a visa?

This depends on the year you arrived to the U.S. If you arrived before 1970, you will require an HE-11 visa to travel along with your valid U.S passport.
If you arrived after 1970, you can travel with your Cuban passport as long as it is valid.

How do I get a new Cuban passport?

We have launched our online consular services! Eligible Cuban-born U.S. citizens traveling to Cuba are now able to purchase their passports, passport renewals and HE-11 visas online with the help of our consular services specialists.

How long is my visa valid for?

As of November 1, 2022, The validity of the tourism visa is extended to 90 days of stay in the national territory -extendable once for the same period- which allows to extend the stay of foreign visitors in Cuba.

Where can I purchase health insurance?

Your health insurance is included in your boarding pass fees, contact your airline carrier for more information. A copy of your boarding pass will serve as proof of your health insurance.

Can I purchase my visa at the airport on the day of my flight?

We recommend purchasing your visa prior to your travel date to ensure you have all the required travel documents and to avoid any delays.
You may purchase your visa at our Cuba Travel Services kiosk on the day of your flight depending on your destination city.
Check with your airline to see if visas are available for purchase on the day of your flight. Price and availability may vary.

Why doesn’t your website ask for the traveler’s name?

We ship visas blank and once you receive your visa you will manually fill in the information indicated on the visa as it is on your passport. (last name, first name, date of birth, passport number and citizenship).

How do I fill out my visa?

  • Manually fill out the information required on visa in black ink pen
  • All information must reflect exactly what is on your passport, if there are any errors, the visa will be invalid
  • Please do not detach the two sides, the visa needs to stay intact
  • The visa is valid for one entry and one exit
  • The visa is valid for 90 days from the day you enter Cuba
Tourist/Visa Card
Cuban Visa(Tourist Card) for travelers arriving from the US