Consular services
for Cuban-born citizens

Get the documents you need from the comfort of your home. We process passports, prorrogas, HE-11 and special visas on your behalf.

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Cuban Passport

For Cuban-born U.S. residents that want a new Cuban passport because their passport was issued before January 1st, 2010 or left Cuba before December 31st, 1971.

Cuban Passport Renewal

For Cuban-born U.S. residents that have Cuban passports issued after January 1st, 2010 and need to renew their passport.

Single Prorroga

For U.S. residents with a Cuban passport nearing its 2-year mark since its issue date. The Cuban passport is valid for 6 years but requires a prorroga (2-year extension) every 2 years during its lifetime.

Double Prorroga

For U.S. residents with a Cuban passport nearing its 4-year mark since its issue date, but have not purchased a prorroga at its 2-year mark.

With this service you can purchase 2 prorrogas when you near the 4-year mark since your passport issue date.

Prorroga for Cuban Residents

For Cuban residents in the U.S. who are unable to return to Cuba for a justified reason during a 24-month period and want to keep the migratory status of temporary travel.

HE-11 Visa

For Cuban-born U.S. residents that left Cuba before 1971 and want to travel to Cuba with their U.S. passport.

Special Visa

For individuals traveling to Cuba for business, journalistic activities or other purposes outside the above categories.

Please contact our visa specialist team to start your process.

Our consular services specialists will be happy to assist with any further questions you may have in regards to your Cuban passport, prorroga, HE-11 or visa.
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